Worldcup Brazil 2014


During 2014 I have been travelling a lot and thinking in the last year, my highlight trip was Brazil

Brazil hosted the World Cup during the summer 2014 and will be hosting the Olympic Games in 2016. Rio de Janeiro is very beautiful city, it is better to visit in Nov, Dec or January as it is their summer but I went in June as I wanted to see the World Cup closer, I was in the last Euro Cup in 2012 and I found the atmosphere really amazing so I wanted to go to a World Cup, and if it was in the country of the football for excellence, even better.

Spain didn't play well this time and England neither...but we still had a really good time in Brazil and was great to see this country.

Rio is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen and there are many things to visit there like Corcovado,  Lapa, Pan de Azucar, lovely beaches...


No ganamos pero que bien lo pasamos! 

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