Desayuno con diamantes

The financial year is finishing at work and I had a few days  holidays left to use or I loose them. I really needed a break anyway, it has been so busy in the last two months... We booked last minute holidays and we needed somewhere warm and a place to relax so we came to Canary Islands in Spain this time.  As I have already visited Gran Canaria and Tenerife, I wanted to see Fuerteventura now; I will be showing you the Island in my next post.  

We stayed in Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahia Real which I loved; it feels fantastic to get up seeing the sea through the window, it feels great to have a lovely breakfast with cava every day.


En mi trabajo el año financiero acaba a final de marzo, todavía tenía varios días de vacaciones que gastar este mes que si no los cogía, los perdía. Conque ahí estaban unos días que realmente necesitaba después de estos dos meses caóticos de mucho trabajo y poco dormir. Quería ir a algún sitio donde poder relajarme y hacer poco o nada J

 Elegimos Las Islas Canarias  para asegurarnos de tener el calorcito. He estado en Gran Canaria y Tenerife en otras ocasiones y quería conocer Fuerteventura conque allí nos fuimos esta vez, os enseñare la isla en mi próximo post.

Nos alojamos en el Gran Hotel Atlantis Bahía Real que me encanto. Que bien sienta levantarse viendo el mar por la ventana y tomar un desayuno delicioso brindando con cava cada mañana.

View of the Hotel
Good Morning! 
The hotel had really nice views, from our balcony we could see the sea

Views from the balcony

The bedrooms were beautifully decorated

Big and lovely bathrooms

Breakfast room

The breakfast was luxury with so many choices of food and drinks

choices of food, milshakes, cereals...

Yummy :)

                                               we were having cava every morning :)

All the staff members dress with the local costumes which is very interesting to see
lovely pools

Hotel reception hall

This is a really beautiful hotel and highly recommended if you come to Fuerteventura. Everything was great: the room, breakfast, friendly staff...  also, we had a free access to the Spa which was amazing, I will show it in a new post.


alessandra said...

Beautiful pictures and great location! I love the dress!

Michaela said...

Wow, the hotel looks so luxurious!You are very happy that your country has sea!I am so jealous:)
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Madame Ostrich said...

Oh this looks positively gorgeous! I am so jealous of your travels!


Carina G. said...

Looks like you had a great time !

Share a Secret said...

Qué sitio más ideal!!!!


mybeautrip said...

Vaya lujo de hotel! Eso sí que es desconectar a lo grande.

Unknown said...

You pics look amazing!

Alice Cerea,

Unknown said...

Qué lujazo de hotel jejeje! Un besitooo

Unknown said...

Beautiful Pictures!! What a place to be!

Adria said...

Beautiful destination, love your pictures!

The Fashion Panda said...

Looks like fun ! Happy I'm leaving sunday as well on vacation ;)

Chontelle Louise said...

loved reading this post and all the great pictures! xx

I'm a newbie blogger hoping to make some friends in the blogging community, if you're at all interested? :3

xx Chontelle Louise

Latravelera said...

I'm new blogging too (less than a month), we can follow each other. I could see you like travelling too :)

Latravelera said...

Great! Have a nice holidays you too x

Travelogues with Aradhana said...

Love the pictures :) Spain has always been my dream destination..Someday! And about the Turkish apartments you rent, makes me want to pack my bags and take the next flight to Turkey :D
Follow my blog :

nuria said...

Thanks for the lovely comments! You should come to Turkey to Lakeside. You will love it <3

kili said...

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