La Menara, Marrakech

Seguimos con Marrakech

  El Pabellón de la Menara, con sus olivares y el imponente Atlas de fondo, es uno de los sitios más visitados y fotografiados de Marrakech, data del siglo XII.

  La verdad es que no hay mucho que ver, son campos de olivares pero si tienes un poquito de tiempo y puedes coger un taxi al final de la tarde, despues de haber estado visitando otros lugares de Marrakech, acercate para hacer una de las más tipicas fotos de Marruecos.


     Menara Gardens are one of the most photographed places in Morocco.
It is also a popular place among locals for picnics, it is situated a bit far from the centre of Marrakech (40min walking or £5 Taxi). The best time to come is late afternoon  with sunset in the background. Visit from 4pm onwards when its quieter.

Menara was built on the 12th century by the Almohads. Around 30,000 olive trees are set around a huge pool, filled with fish that leap above the surface to the surprise of passing walkers. The first-floor open balcony offers a wonderful view over the pool and the Atlas mountains beyond.

Menara is one of the most famous places in Morocco although it isn't much to see, one hour will be more than enough unless you want to chill out and walk in the gardens although it is more like a farm. If you don't have too much time but you want to see it, just grab a taxi.


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