Lake Tuzla. Turkey

Bird Heaven
Tuzla Lake has been a nature reserve under international protection since 1994. A huge variety of birds take sanctuary here in the rich wetlands. Greater Flamingos flock to the area by the thousand and you can also see the largest population of White Storks in the region. Pelicans are also frequent visitors. Among other species you can spot the Heron, Mallard, Water Chicken, Grey and Hungarian Duck and Swallow. Butterflies also breed here and the Two-tailed Pasha is an unforgettable find. For nature lovers and bird watchers alike, Tuzla is paradise.

We watch the lake from the apartment's balcony while we have our lunch and dinner and many days we drive down the country road that go through the middle of the lake then we get closer to watch birds and the nature.

                                          Views of the lake from Lakeside Gardens apartments
 We drive down the country road that go pass through the middle of the lake to get closer look of the lake

                       Sorry, I didn't have a great zoom in my camera so I couldn't get closer pictures....
                                              The three pools have fantastic views of the lake

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