Underwater. Red Sea

Hi again guys!

  This week is sunny and lovely in England, UK is really beautiful when we have a day like this, full of gardens, colourful flowers and green landscapes but I find hard to get through the winter as I am used to nicer weather in Spain. Since my first year living in the UK, I always make sure I have winter holidays on a sunny beach, this way winters do not feel as long because after this holiday, my mind keeps busy thinking in Christmas and after that, with the New Year I start to look forward for Spring days like today.

For winter holidays, we have gone several times to Sharm el-Sheikh, it is an Egyptian resort area situated on the Southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula with the Red Sea on one side and the mountains of Mount Sinai on the other. One of Egypt top holiday destinations. It is known for its long beaches and clear waters. The holiday makers are mainly Europeans and Russians, there are really good offers of hotels and flights to come to this destination. The resort has high quality hotels, restaurants, water sports and golf courses. Here you can find some of the best diving and snorkelling places of the world. The corals and the fish life astound every visitor to the area. The corals come to within 1 meter from the surface and then continue down into the depths. The fish life is all over the reef, allowing people the opportunity to view them from the surface.

I  could walk over 1km into the sea and the water just get above my knees, it is a long distance  until you get to the corals but you can do it walking in the water

Many hotels have their own decking, some really long ones that allow you easy access to the corals, they could be 1km long

It looks like I am doing some Martial arts but I just went with a bag of bread that I nicked from the Hotel to give to the fishes. When I put the bag above the water you can see the fishes jumping outside the water, so funny

Me with my bag of bread :)

Last holidays, I preferred to do just snorkelling but they are many diving schools here where you can take a couple of lessons, you get a Diving Certificate in just one day lesson!
 I have done diving before but when I was very deep into the water I was feeling sick so I think I stick with the freedom of just swimming/ snorkelling and not needing of Oxygen bottles.

Fishes you can find in the Red Sea:

View of sunset from the jetty

For my swimming with the fishes, I was wearing a bikini from Mark&Spencer.
 I have just bought two more bikinis for my next holidays from M&S too, I am going to my Turkey apartment in a couple of weeks.
 I like M&S Swimwear because they are good quality/price, they have a big range of sizes, they usually have three different types of tops and bottoms for each model.

Primak hat (£4.00), Swimwear from M&S (£20.00) and sunglasses Knockaround

Primak hat (£4.00), Swimwear M&S (£20.00) and sunglasses Pepe Jeans

I hope you liked the post, please comment and let me know what you think.
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Eniwhere Fashion said...

I never had the good fortune to visit Egypt and Sharm el Sheik, but from your picture it seems amazing! Have a nice day, kisses,

Eniwhere Fashion
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Margaret Dallospedale said...

Hi Sweetie, I love red sea. Egypt is a wonderful country.
I visit Sharm El Sheik in 2005 and I love it, because is so cool.
Wonderful pictures.
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Miharu Julie said...

Great post

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Roberta Romeo said...

I love sea and this place is a paradise for me!
I would like to visit Egypt!
Beautiful photos dear! ^-^

Paola Lauretano said...

Incredible corals!!!
I love your bikini!!!
Happy friday doll!!
Kisses, Paola.


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sweetsimpleday said...

What a lovely underwater photos!!! So jealous of u!! Love the second bikini set. Thanks for sharing. Xoxo

Carina G. said...

Amazing photos !
You must had a great time !
Love the first bikini.

Patricia loves fashion said...

This place looks really awesome ;))

Christine said...

AY! Que hermosaaa, que emocionante que eres una aventurera nueva! jajaja. Gracias por el comentario. :) Si Si, nos seguimos. Dime donde.


Que Dis te bendiga,

Lenya said...

Amazing pictures, they took my breath away. What a wonderful underwater world it is. To answer your question it's a skirt, not a dress.

Unknown said...

These photos are beautiful, now i want to be on the beach.

Tailored and true said...

These are such incredible photos! Great post!

Unknown said...

Great post! I really want to visit Egypt, the water looks incredible! x

nuria said...

Thank You! Haha it Was a skirt then, that explains all Hahaha

Claire said...

So incredible, what fun!

God bless,
XO, Claire

Miharu Julie said...

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Rach said...

Loving the underwater photos! The ocean is so beautiful and loving the colorful fishes!

Carolina G. Ticala said...

Nice pics!!!kisses

Anonymous said...

Such an amazing experience!

Rebecca said...

I love the M&S swimwear! Also what incredible photos :D

Rebecca Coco

Kati said...

Wow, this must have been an unforgettable experience!

Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!

Have a great day,

Elle said...

Absolutely gorgeous photo's, so so beautiful... makes me want to travel the world right now! :)


F-lover Fashion Blog said...

wonderful photos and sea!
xoxo Gi.

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Unknown said...

Amazing adventure,
I love it

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Unknown said...

Hola, amor!!!!!!!! Ya veo que sigues igual de preciosa que siempre!!!! El lugar una pasada! Ya iría yo, no creas! Nos vemos en mi ultimo post,, en el que aprovechando que fue Sant Jordi y el día del libro hablamos de una de mis pasiones, la lectura!!!!!!!! Espero que os guste!!!!! Besos

ona fernandez - said...

Beautiful pics :)

Adriana said...

These pictures look amazing!

Unknown said...

Wow! You took some amazing photos! Looks like so much fun! :) xx

Unknown said...

Breathtaking photos! I love seeing the beauty under the sea!

xo Bry


Desirèe D'Aloia said...

very beautiful pics and corals, I visited Egypt twice!

Technician Stool said...

Amazing photo's! Thanks for sharing it. Nice post :)

Technician Stool said...

Amazing photo's! Thanks for sharing it. Nice post :)

Straight A Style said...

Great photos!!

Amy Ann
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fabulous pics
I wish you an happy start of week
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Carolina G. Ticala said...

Thanks for your visit, have a nice day, kisses

Adria said...

These pictures are absolutely amazing! Egypt is a great destination!

Unknown said...

Qué bonitas fotos y los bikinis son muy bonitos. Besos

patricia sanchez said...

Unas fotos geniales,que post mas original y divertido,me encanta!
Muchas gracias por tu visita,te espero por mi nuevo post,besitoos!!

Dressed With Soul said...

Wonderful pictures and looks like you had a wonderful time <3
xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena
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Andrea Pizzato said...

wow red sea is so beautiful!!

nuria said...

Thank you for the lovely comments 😊 xxx

Rachel-Beth said...

Wow- these underwater pictures are divine- what pretty fish! Feeding fish bread underwater looks insanely fun :) That bikini is super cute too

Rachel xx

Alice said...

these pictures look amazing!!
i love travel blogs and so im following you now, cant wait to see you on my blog too :3

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That must have been an incredible experience! The photos turns out amazing!!! Really beautiful! Love your cute bikinis!


awhite said...

Amazing photos- what a fun time!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, just look at all of those amazing photos. I know you had a wonderful time. Simply beautiful post. I hope to see you at my new blog next week.

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Isa M said...

Amazing photos *

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Sybil said...

those underwater shots are beyond amazing!! :D

Have a great day!
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nuria said...

Thanks darling, I definitely come to visit your blog x

Unknown said...

Qué pasada de fotos!!!! Me encanta el post guapa :) Un beso

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What a great photos and great post.Thank you for visited my blog and now i´m new a follower.Hope you´ll follow me back.Keep in touch.xoxo

Gabrielle said...

I agree the weather has been ever so beautiful in England lately, although it's temporarily broken to make way for clouds and rain - the sun will return soon though hopefully! I love your bikini snaps, they make me excited for summer :)

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

colibri esverdeado said...

Wow so many beautiful photos! You look beautiful among the pisces, I love it :)

What do you think of following each other, maybe inspire each other? Please let me know! Have a great week, kisses!

Lindsey said...

Looks like you had so much fun! Those are awesome pictures :) I have plans to visit Egypt next year and can't wait to see all the gorgeous sights!

High Heels & Happy Feels

Nina said...

Amazing pictures. xx

sacha said...

The water looks so c;ear and nice^^

Unknown said...

I'd love to check out Egypt one day and experience all of this! What absolutely amazing photos! :) fantastic post x

♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

heath said...

Wow this place is so pretty! You visit the most picturesque places, I love your blog! :)

Heather Xx

Elle said...

So jealous of your trip here, this is such a stunning place... the loveliest photo's :)


nuria said...

Thanks for the comments, snorkelling and diving are fabulous experiences and the best place to do it is the Red Sea :)
I recommend it to do it in one of your holidays! X