Grand Bazaar, KAPALI CARSI


 A visit to Kapali Carsi in Istanbul is a must.

The Grand Bazaar is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. The construction started in the middle of the 15th century and has been enlarged during the past centuries. Today, the complex has around 60 streets and more than 3,000 shops which are visited by between 250,000 and 400,000 people daily.
Yep, the Grand Bazaar is GRAND! And it also has two mosques, several cafés and restaurants, banks, and its own police station.
It is a wonderfully exciting shopping experience. Very touristy so it generally is overpriced, you need to haggle and get the items for less than half the price they ask for.

Wandering through all the passages and seeing all the goods on offer was amazing. It is a fantastic opportunity to practice bargaining skills, and on the whole, the shopkeepers are quite pleasant. If you are looking for little gifts and souvenirs, you will definitely find them here.

Arrival to the Grand Bazaar

One thing I did quite like about the salesmen was they pride themselves on their linguistic ability and try to sell their wares to you in the language they think you speak, so they will approach people in Turkish, English, French, German, Arabic etc.

Not very often you will see Fixed prices ;)
Turkey is a country to haggle, taxi, furniture, food... it will be usually less than the first price they give you

What I bought or What I didn't buy:

 Walking and wandering in the Grand Bazaar, I noticed that Bodrum shops and markets have the same items and also the prices were better in Bodrum (where I have my apartment) so I did not buy a lot of things in Istanbul but of course, I would have bought more if I was not staying in Bodrum. If Istanbul is the only place you are going to visit in Turkey then definitely, I will recommend you to enjoy buying more things. Turkey makes lovely leather handbags and beautiful silver jewellery so definitely I would have bought more but as I have much more time and better prices in Bodrum, I did not feel the need to buy many things here. I say feel the need because women "feel the need to buy" even if we do not really need anything, we always feel the need. Do you not agree with me?

 So despite of this I bought few souvenirs:


Silver rings

Small handmade ceramic bowls, I though they will look really nice on the table to serve sauces. Also, one more ceramic souvenir to put in the wall with flowers in our garden.

A handbag (they have lovey and good quality leather handbags but I just got a small one, not from the best quality ones)

I also got a dozen of these little bags for all my work ladies (we are all ladies at work) as a souvenir from Istanbul, they were a bargain buying them by the dozen and I though they are lovely to keep the lipstick, lip balm and a few little bits of make up. I did not get Turkish delights which it was my first though to take to work because coming the summer, they are eating healthy for the bikini body :)

 If You have been in Istanbul, what did you buy in The Grand Bazaar?

I hope you are enjoying the weekend and you liked my post and of course, I would love to read your comments!


Unknown said...

Wow. I'm planning to visit Turkey too and this makes me want to go right now

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nuria said...

You can Read my post that I did recently for tips when you are planning your trip to Turkey. I hope it helps.xx

Eniwhere Fashion said...

I've never been to Instanbul, but I think it's a wonderful city and your pictures confirm this. I hope one day to visit it. Have a nice day, kisses,

Eniwhere Fashion
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Maria Flicka said...

Wowww.....amazing photos!! Love your purchases. I never was in Istanbul, but it looks so amazing and magical!
Thank you so much for stopping by, I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, but I've been crazy busy lately :P
Have a happy Sunday, and a great week<3


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Unknown said...

Wow, this must be every shopper's dream haha! I love the photos! And the silver rings you bought are really beautiful :)

♥.•*¨ Amanda Says ¨*•.♥

Patricia loves fashion said...

Amazing pictures, full of so many amazing colors :) Love it ;)

Lenya said...

Beautiful pictures, that must be a magical place. Good luck at the dentist, tomorrow. I'll keep you in my thoughts, girl.

F-lover Fashion Blog said...

good shopping in Grand Bazaar!
xoxo Gi.

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nuria said...

Aww Thanks so much Lenya!! I hope everything is better with your tooth too. It can be very painful... Xxx
Mashed potatoes, soups and yougourts is my main diet at the moment, I can't chew... :-/


Very impressive (as always)! My parents were in Turkey for vacation lately! And brought some Turkish Delight - Lokum in different versions! Still didn't taste them but they look absolutely delicious!!! ;) Guess I would buy some candy there too! Also silver jewelry and leather bags! You can't have enough of everything of all that! Haha!! :-DD


Desirèe D'Aloia said...

love these pics!

heidicolourvibes said...

Great pictures!! I also went to the Bazaar and enjoy it a lot!!! Lovely bargains you got there btw!!

nuria said...

That is it! We can't never have enough. I got more shopping in Bodrum and everytime I go, I want new handbags and silver pendants, earrings...

Lindsey said...

Lovely pictures, Dear! Thanks for sharing your experience. I love pashminas and can't wait to finally go to Istanbul one day to check out their markets!

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SissiHope said...

Lovely blog😻 kiss

Coco said...

Marvellous places darling! Cute pics!!
I love the rings:)
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Michaela said...

Hi, these photos are so beautiful!I love markets especially these in arabic countries, they have such a great atmosphre!:)
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Nastya Deutsch said...

Hi! You have a beautiful blog ❤ I follow you now on GFC! I'll be waiting on you new posts :)

With love, Nastia Deutsch ❤

bambolai said...

Very interesting and colorful place!
Have a fabolous day,

Anonymous said...

Great pictures.
I loved for your purchases.

Bárbara Marques said...

Beautiful culture :)

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Fashion Petite said...

Beautiful pictures!
xoxo Lxnda

Subham Rai said...

Followed you back on bloglovin as well!


Agnieszka said...

Wow, i wish i were there. I would buy a lot of things :)

nuria said...

Yeah, I would have bought more but I come to Turkey so often that I know I can always get more soon :)

Kati said...

Wow, what an astonishing place!

Have a great day,

Unknown said...


Budget Travel Talk said...

Wow, having an apartment in Turkey would be amazing. We spent 6 weeks in Turkey but didn't go to Bodrum. What can I say. There were so many places to see, we couldn't go everywhere. Definitely my favourite Country.


What a marvellous post. I loved Turkey, I just got a bunch of fabrics and accessories. I would love to buy some of the plates, china and details pieces. Have a great week. Thanks for sharing. <3 /Madison
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sweetsimpleday said...

Amazing market place!! Thanks for sharing.

tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

amo la Turchia, maravilla de pais
un beso

Unknown said...

Great and colorful pics. The silver rings and bags are the best.

Paola Lauretano said...

So colorful, I love the Gran Bazaar!!!
Happy June!
Kisses, Paola.


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up said...


Wow, beautiful pics ! :D


Unknown said...

Oh, I really love Istanbul!!! Great pics!

Kisses from Madrid, C.

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Unknown said...

Me puedo ir contigo? Que ganas de viajar tengo por favor!!! Genial entrada! Hoy en mi post hablamos de un tema preocupante, la violencia de género, espero que juntas logremos solucionarlo! Besos!

K / House of KTS said...

I've always wanted to visit Istanbul. I've heard how wonderful it is. And when I saw this post, I thought to myself, I am in heaven. I just love all of the photos. I wish like I am there. Simply beautiful post.

Kia / The House of KTS

Unknown said...

Wow you bought so pretty amazing stuff!

x Karen

Unknown said...

These pictures are amazing!

xxx Linsey from

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nuria said...

Yes, There are so many places to see in Turkey, huge country! :)

nuria said...

Thanks! I'm coming to Madrid very soon, lovely city :)

nuria said...

Jajaja pues Ya sabes, proximo destino Turquia, te encantara!

nuria said...

Thank you so much for the lovely comment xx

Anonymous said...

Me encantan ,las fotos que has puesto son geniales!!! Cuando estuve en tunez me lleve mil cosas de los puestos y en este caso si yo fuera a estambul pasaría lo mismo jejeje ;)
Besitos linda

Straight A Style said...

Wow, it looks amazing! I cannot even imagine how you decided what to look at. I think you came away with some great purchases.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

Diane said...

Thanks for sharing more of Istanbul!


Claire said...

What beautiful colors and pieces! So stunning!

God bless,
XO, Claire

Unknown said...

So beautiful and vibrant in colors!! I love travelogues!!

~xo Sheree
IG: @poshclassymom

Unknown said...

Great buys! Looks like a wonderful time too!

Unknown said...

Aww again, such wonderful memories of Turkey! Beautiful post and thank you for sharing your experience!

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LBG said...

I've been there! It was incredible! I bought a lovely silver and purple pashmina

Sybil said...

dying over the patterns and homewares!!! soooo beautiful!

Have a nice day!
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MILEX said...

Anonymous said...

Such amazing photos!!! xx


Unknown said...

Hi! I'm Monica (travel blogger give me an e-mail :D

Rachel-Beth said...

This market looks so vibrant and bustling!! I love those plates you bought :)

Rachel xx

Unknown said...

This is incredible! So grand, indeed! Gorgeous photos!

xo, Bry


Unknown said...

Wonderful photos and amazing post!
Have a great day!
Natallia Jolliet

Unknown said...

Que padre un mercado asi de grande, yo me vuelvo loca entre tanta cosa, seguro querría comprar todo! haha

Un beso

Tailored and true said...

Ooh I so want to visit Instabul! I love all the bright colors!

nuria said...

I went to your blog and left you my email xx

Unknown said...

Qué bonitas fotos. Tus compras me encantan! Un beso

Unknown said...


What Would V Wear said...

Seriously, SO cute! Love Turkey!!
Sending you much love & Happy Wednesday!
xoxo, Vanessa

Unknown said...

I can't wait to visit Turkey and this market. I would want to buy everything! :)

awhite said...

SO many pretty things! Thanks for sharing!

Le Stylo Rouge

Unknown said...

Un lugar encantador!!! Tus compras me han encantado...
Un beso

Dressed With Soul said...

So many people there! It must be impressing. Thank you for the wonderful pictures <3
xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

Annie L said...

This looks like a really awesome market!
xo Annie
New England Romance

Unknown said...

Wow it looks amazing! I love what you bought! :) xx

Anshul Bhargava said...

Omgosh!! Istanbul is definitely on my wishlist!!!! ^_^ And loveee the stuff you've gotten!! And dammmmmn, those shots are breath-taking!! <3

Rhonda Albom said...

Your photos really bring out the beauty and color of this eclectic market. We didn't bet there, as we only stopped in Istanbul as a day stop on a cruise and it was the day it is closed. I loved Istanbul and really hope to get back to Turkey someday.

Unknown said...

Beware of famous brands, most likely you'll be buying an imitation, but within the imitations there's a wide range of different qualities.


nuria said...

Exactly! Some are really nice leather and other are like plastic :)

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