Rabat Diaries, Part II

Hi Peeps! How are you?

 I am back with a post from Rabat, I though that better late than never ;)
If you remember, I went to Rabat the capital of Morocco last June. I shared a post with you back then: Rabat Diaries, Part I
I had so many pictures of this Imperial city that I could have done series but I have decided to do just a second one and share all of the pictures together, there are lots as both my sister and I were with a camera each, so get ready to see Rabat! 

¡Hola gente! ¿Como estaís?

Hoy vuelvo con un post de Rabat, pensé que mas vale tarde que nunca ;)
Si recordaís, fuí a Rabat la capital de Marruecos en junio, entonces compartí con vosotros una entrada: Diarios de Rabat I
Tengo tantas fotos de esta ciudad Imperial que podría hacer varios capitulos pero he decidido que con un segundo post voy a compartir todas las fotos que son un montón ya que las dos mi hermana y yo ibamos con una camara cada una, osea preparaos para ver Rabat!

1. Hassan Tower 

Hassan Tower is the minarete of an incomplete mosque, construction begun in 1195 but in 1199, Sultan Yacoub al-Mansour died and construction stopped, the rest of the mosque was left incomplete too with only the beginning of several walls and 200 columns being constructed.

 La Torre de Hassan es un minarete incompleto, se empezó a contruir en 1195 pero en 1199 con la muerte del Sultán Yacoub al-Mansour la construcción paró, el resto de la mezquita que pretendía ser la más grande del mundo también quedó incompleta con lo que sólo hay varias paredes y 200 columnas.


2. Mausoleum Mohammed V

  The entry to Hassan tower is free and we were greeted by guards in horses
  La entrada a La Torre de Hassan es gratis y al llegar te reciben unos guardias en caballos.

Aunque no parece muy contento de nuestra visita... jaja
Hassan Tower also houses the Mausoleum of Mohammed V which contains the tombs of the Moroccan king and his two sons, late King Hassan II and Prince Abdallah.
By the way, did you know that while we were travelling in Morocco we saw the King?

La Torre de Hassan incluye el Mausoleo de Mohammed V que contiene las tumbas de este Rey de Marruecos y sus dos hijos, el Rey Hassan II y el Príncipe Abdallah.
Por cierto, ¿sabeís que en nuestro viaje a Marruecos fuimos a saludar al Rey? fuimos a los dos palacios en Rabat y Fez, dió la casualidad que el Rey llegaba a Fez ese día y se paseó por el centro saludando a los ciudadanos y allí estabamos nosotras viendo al Rey en primera plana.

                  The interiours are amazing, look at the beautiful tiles!



3. Rabat Medina 

We enjoeyed walking aroud the shouks in Rabat as we were not disturb while looking for things to buy, I found it much better than in Marrakesh were the locals do not leave you alone and they were really putting me off buying.

Nos encantó pasear por los zocos en Rabat ya que no nos molestaban tanto mientras mirábamos cosas que comprar, los zocos de esta ciudad me gustaron más que en Marrakech ya que los locales en esta  última no te dejan sólo, andan todo el tiempo detrás y con éso a mi se me van las ganas de comprar pero aquí íbamos tranquilamente a nuestro aire.

Do you remember when I bought my Kaftan? :D
¿Os acordaís cuando me compré el Caftán? Tal cual salí de la tienda, me lo puse y no me pude contener el compartir la foto en Instagram :D

4. The Port 

Just pretty views of the city while we walked near the Medina

Las vistas del puerto son símplemente muy bonitas mientras paseábamos cerca de la medina


 5. Oudayas Kasbah - Alcazaba de los Oudayas

This is the oldest part of the city and you can get the most wonderful views of Rabat from here as the cliff-top perch over the river and ocean. The Kasbah is predominately residential and the narrow streets are lined with white/blue houses most of them built by Muslim refugees from Spain. It is a tranquil and picturesque place to wander and there is no need for a guide even if you get plenty of offers.

Es la parte mas antigua de la ciudad donde puedes disfrutar de maravillosas vistas de Rabat desde lo alto del acantilado viendo el río y el mar. El barrio es mayoritariamente residencial y las estrechas calles con casas en blaco y azul fueron construidas por los musulmanes refugiados de España. La zona es muy tranquila, pintoresca y preciosa para pasear sin necesidad de un guía aunque se ofrezcan.



6. Other views as we went pass - Otras vistas al pasar

View of the Cemetery from the beach
One of Rabat beaches at sunset, as it was Ramadan, many people were doing picnics on the beach to have their first meal together
At the airport,  the wall with very cool colour lights

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Have a fabulous week! xxx
¡Feliz semana! Besos

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Great post dear!♥ ♥ ♥
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Aydita said...

Me encantaría ir!

Launna said...

Nuria, I love the white and blue buildings... it is so stunning, I can see why you enjoyed yourself so much... the pictures are beautiful... I would so love to go there myself, it has so much historical beauty xox

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Lovely item i also love their store :)

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Wow! this post is so lovely and the pics are so mesmerizing..

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Your photos are absolutely amazing:) Love the views:)
Have a nice day!

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so beautiful!! I have so many great memories of rabat and morocco! great place

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great necklaces! :) love the pictures and you look amazing in that white dress!
Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

Rhonda Albom said...

I also loved Rabat. These photos brought back so many memories for me. Your photos are really beautiful, and you look great as always.

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Wow this place is breathtaking! I love the architecture of this place :)

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So amazing this place! x

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Such a beautiful place!

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Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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I like it a lot!


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The colours are beyond incredible - hot pink walls, deep blue mosaics, wow... and you look wonderful too! Once again, I've ended up finishing reading a travel diary and wanting to visit the country haha :)

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

Наталия Годунова said...

beautiful photos

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Me dan ganas de hacer la maleta y visitar Rabat ya! Un beso preciosa.

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lucky you! what a stunning place. xx. gigi.

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Like always, you showed amazing place here - Rabat looks terrific :)

Ivana Split said...

Rabat is such an interesting city, it seems that there is so much to see and explore there. So cool that you got to see the king while you were in Morroco. Hassan tower seems a fascinating place to see and it is great that the entry is free. This city has a lot to show...I think I remember when you wrote about buying that Kaftan.

you look lovely in that white dress. I also really like your necklace from Zaful...and those bracelets are really stylish too. Great pieces.


Such beautiful locations

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Qué fotos más bonitas nos muestras siempre! ;)
Besotes guapa

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Thanks a lot for your comments! So lovely! ❤️

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The necklace are beautiful, aren't they?Thet have really low prices in accessories 😊

nuria said...

Thanks a lot, Rabat was my favourite city to visit in Morocco ❤️

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Wow, just so mesmerizing, love the pics!

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You look beautiful! I love the neacklace and the bag, beautiful pictures

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beautiful pictures!!

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very beautiful photos

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Amazing photos!

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Amazing pictures! I enjoyed to watch them :-)

Happy weekend dear

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Love the architectural details of the buildings, great pictures <3

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What a fabulous place Nuria! Thanks for sharing these stunning photos! I'd love to go there someday

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Rabat looks beautiful! You always visit such cool places! I love your outfit and your necklace is so pretty! :) xx

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I have never been to Marocco and therefore I never visitet Rabat. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful pictures, dear Nuria, and you look really fantastic in your white look!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

So Alice said...

I have never been in Rabat.. Wonderful photos my dear-such an amazing architecture :-)

nuria said...

You should visit it, so different to Europe and interesting, next to us, with warm weather all the year, low cost flights, so easy to fly here :)

nuria said...

You should visit it Nvena, it is the best city to visit in Morocco and so much to see :)

nuria said...

There is so much too see indeed Ivana, you should come one day :)

nuria said...

Bueno so la makers ya la estas haciendo, que he pido que te vas de vacaciones en nada!! Arenas Es precioso tambien! Besos

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Wow, a lot of historical corners... this post and pics are really interesting!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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