Pumpkins farms for Halloween

  Hi Peeps!
Are you getting ready for Halloween? Exciting time of the year. Halloween traditions originated in Britain and Ireland and I just wanted to show you how British people get ready for it during all the month of October.

Hola gente!
¿Cómo van los preparativos de Halloween? ¡Qué emocionante! Sobretodo para los peques, jaja pero también para los menos peques esta época del año es muy divertida. La tradición de Halloween se originó en Reino Unido y ya que vivo aquí, quería enseñaros como los británicos  se preparan durante el mes de octubre.

Pumpkins farms get really busy this time of the year in all the country, many British like to come and choose their own pumpkin rather than getting in the supermarket, I went last weekend to a farm and they did not have many pumpkins left, look at the fields.

Los campos de calabaza están a tope a principios de mes, a muchos británicos les gusta venir y elegir su propia calabaza en lugar de comprarla en el supermercado. El fin de semana pasado fuimos a una granja cercana y casi ya no les quedaban, mirad el campo, la verdad que se ha quedado ya casi sin ninguna, si veo algún campo con más, os prometo que os lo enseño

 Choosing my Pumpkin :)    / Eligiendo my Calabaza

Help! Which one is the best?
¡Ayuda! ¿Cuál es la mejor?
At last, I found my favourite
Finalmente elegí mi favorita

Making the Pumpkins faces / Haciendo las caras de las calabazas

               What do you think of the face that I have done?  It is not really scary, I think it looks quite happy and friendly
¿Qué os parece como me ha quedado? La verdad que no dan mucho miedo... las caras parece que están muy felices.

Choosing what the costume at DRESSLILY SALES:

Eligiendo el disfraz con DRESSLILY

 Dresslily is an online shop that apart of having the last trends in clothes at really good prices, has a big choice for Halloween costumes and accessories.
Last year, I chose an easy option, I dressed in black and I just used some accessories

Dresslily es una tienda online que aparte de tener las últimas tendencias en ropa y a muy buenos precios, tiene una gran selección de outfits para Halloween y complementos, además llevan todo el mes de rebajas.
El año pasado, elegí la opción más sencilla, me vestí de negro y añadí unos complementos a mi ropa.

Party costumes- Disfraces

Some quite sexy too ;) Y algunos muy sexy también

Halloween home decoration with Zaful - Decoración para la casa con Zaful

I found a huge choice of wall and window stickers at  that I could not see in supermarkets

En Zaful encontré muchas más cositas de decoración que en los supermercados, están baratísimas. No os podéis ni imaginar como decoran aquí algunas casas, es impresionante.


Last year, I showed on Instagram my Halloween outfit, it was just a black dress with some accessories, this is the easiest way to dress if you do not want to buy the whole costume.

El año pasado pudisteis ver en Instagram como me vestí, simplemente con un vestido negro añadiendo los accesorios, es lo más sencillo si no os habéis comprado ningún disfraz todavía.

                                               Happy Halloween everyone!! :D


Irreplaceable_fashion said...

Can't wait for Halloween:) Great photos:)
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Great post dear! ♥

Vikytrends said...

Que pasada! me encanta Halloween. La calabaza te quedó genial.
Un besazo

June said...

Cute look at the pumpkin patch! Have a great halloween :D

shizasblog said...

Love your photos :)

Aydita said...

Me encantan los cojines!

Rhonda Albom said...

I like the taller pumpkins. They may not have the classic shape but I think it makes it easier to carve great faces.

Pam Scalfi said...

looks like you had fun pumpkin picking! :D
Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

Gabrielle said...

This is such a fun post! Can you believe I've never been to a pumpkin farm before?! I've already bought a pumpkin now, but next year i'll have to check one out for sure :)

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x

Dressed With Soul said...

I see now you are well prepared for Halloween - and for fall when I see your look, too!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Unknown said...

que increibleeee!!
me encanta!!

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Nice post

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Lovely post dear!Have a great day! xx

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Lovely pics and cool items!!!
Kisses, Paola.


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Your pumpkin turned out really cute! :) xx

nuria said...

hahaha Thanks Rena ;)

nuria said...

Aww Thanks a lot! xx

Elegant-e said...

Good pictures, have a good day

bambolai said...

Great funny post :-) I prepare something similar for my blog.
Pumpkins are so cute and costumes too.


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Pumpkins are sooo cute!

un abrazo!

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MilanoTime said...

Really nice! I love Zaful products!
Wish you a nice day dear!
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nice post!

mybeautrip said...

Qué pasada de campos de calabaza! Deseando estoy de que llegue Halloween porque en mi casa se celebra ese día y nos reunimos la familia, aunque reconozco que somos más de comer castañas y panellets!

Unknown said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I loved Croatia! We also follow each other on instagram so its great seeing you on your travels! The photos from St Kitts were my favourite (although I am slightly biased). I cant wait to carve my pumpkin! Great post!


Jointy&Croissanty said...

I adore pumpkins, cute pictures:)


crafty-zone said...

I really like your photos of this farm, what a great place :)

Luda Tischenko said...

great post

Pinkoolaid said...

this is amazing I would love to visit one :) thanks for sharing

Andrea Pizzato said...

wow!! so beautiful!! great post!

Lenya said...

I think it looks totally cute, but you've done an amazing job on the pumpkin, nonetheless, Nuria. I love it! Beautiful photos. Happy Halloween, girl.

Ivana Split said...

So cool you have visited a pumpkin farm...and you look adorable among them:)

cool selection of halloween items too!

Red Rose Alley said...

Ooooo, there's nothing better than seeing orange pumpkins in the season of Autumn. This is a nice pumpkin farm you went to. You look cute all dressed up for Halloween.

I know how much you love traveling, and Nel just did a post on a recent trip she made. I was wondering.....with all the traveling you do, have you ever considered going to places in the states? You visit a lot of European places, but there are some wonderful states that you might like to visit. :)


nuria said...

Hi Sheri! It's easy to visit European places living in Europe ;)
Ive been in the states but have not seen a lot just NYC and twice in Florida so I've been in Orlando twice, Disney World, Miami... but I wasn't blogging until last year so I haven't really post trips from before..., I should do some old trips too, I need to look for back the pics and get some time to put them together...