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Hi there! 
I am a Spanish pharmacist living in England,  a traveladdict, fashionaddict and I love photography.

As a child, my father used to take us for holidays to see Spanish towns and cities, he was a photographer and he was always with his camera doing pictures of our excursions and trips. We were four sisters and brothers and travelling outside Spain was difficult then but I started to love making pictures of new places.

View of my hometown, Tauste

   I took my first plane, believe it or not, for my graduation in University, I saved some money selling T-shirts, lottery and fake fragrances and with all my friends from uni, we went to Egypt and we did a river cruise in the Nile, this was my first plane and my first Cruise.
  When I finished University, I wanted to travel and spend some months living in a different country, I applied for a job in Great Britain and voila! I got it, I came to live to the UK and my travel adventure started here, the jobs are better but I live in a rainy island, so as many English people, I go abroad looking for the sun whenever I can.

The passion for photography remains in my family, my sister is a photographer and even if I did not choose it as a profession, I love photography too as you will see on my posts.

These pictures are done outside my town in Spain, my sister who lives in the town is a photographer and made this photo shoot, you can see her work on this link Ana Laiglesia Fotografia

I hope you enjoy my travelling, fashion and photography blog.
Nuria  xxx

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